Shakti's Reflection

(I) Plenary Sessions
  • (A) My key learning points from each session…
1. Importance of Water - Dirty and Clean

My key learning point from this session is that there is an increasing trend in one of the biggest problems in our society; water pollution. From this I have derived that there is a plenty of problems in this field that we can resolve in our generation. Moreover, I have learnt that there is a big market in water sanitation and that we could be the ones who finally solve this problem.

2. Revolution of Microelectronics Technology

One key point I learnt from this session is that electronics are very useful and it has gone through avery long history where it keeps getting smaller. Also, i have learnt that many things use microelectronics and is the brain of most electronics.

3. Biomedical Engineering & Technology

From this session I learnt that humans can be part cyborg with many networking features so as to make life easier. I also learnt that there are 3 or more different dimensions to nano technology. I also have learnt that nano technology can help prevent or remove any obstructions in the body.

4. IT for Animation by Prof Seah Hock Soon

I have learnt how they exactly make anime and other 2D animation such as lion king. I have learnt that there are many softwares to make any sort of animation. Moreover, I have learnt that it is a very extensive and arduous task to make a hand drawn 2D animation project.

5. Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and why gravity is even more important than
you think

The key point I learned from this session is that rising sea levels not always the same everywhere. I also learnt a formula of why that in some places water levels are higher wile in some places the water levels are lower. 

  • (B) Deepest impression…
The plenary session that leaves the deepest impression on me is the on about dirty water.
What I like about it is that it reflects a lot on the impending problem of water sanitation which although, does not affect Singapore it still affects many other countries in the world. Also it touches along the subject of microbiology which I am interested in.

(II) My Personal Reflection 

I choose this project because I find biology a very interesting topic and I would love to take this opportunity to expand my knowledge in biology by taking this project.

My role in the group is to steer the group in the right direction and to take note of key points that would help us create better deliverables.

Challenges I/we encounter when working on this project in the last 2 days and how I/we
overcome these challenges. We had some time managing issues whereby we could not manage our workflow but we pulled through by being resilient and by just trying our best to finish it.
Through this project, I discovered that the whole process of observing a specimen takes a lot of time and a lot of patience.
As an individual, how I have benefited from this programme i have benefitted from this program because I have learnt more facts and knowledge about biology which is my favourite subject.
My Aspirations is unclear at the moment but I would definitely like to pursue a biological path.